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Schools are busy places and we are excited to be able support staff and students on their sustainability journey.  Beeswax wraps are linked to the F-10 Victorian Curriculum as well as VCE.  Subject areas that are relevant include - Design and Technologies, Visual Art, Humanities, Food Technology, Health and Environmental Science.

School services we offer include:

  • Staff workshops 
  • Student workshops
  • School DIY Kits
  • Waxing of student designed (personalised) wraps


At Camberwell Girls we recognise the imperative to be more sustainable, and are actively designing opportunities for our students to think more sustainably. As part of our Year 7 Service Learning program, we were looking for a facilitator who could support a hands-on workshop focused on reducing waste. Petra has worked within our parameters to deliver an engaging, purposeful learning activity in the form of a beeswax wrap workshop. Petra's strong communication skills and high standards were key to making our learning activity a success. Each of our students was able to design and make a beeswax wrap of their own, to be used in their nude food lunches throughout the year. Introducing a program such as this has an associated level of risk, and Petra was able to reduce this for us with her meticulous planning and preparation.