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The principles of a beeswax wrap

Looking after your food

The beeswax in these wraps is a natural antibacterial. The jojoba oil and tree resin both have antifungal properties and the resin also acts as an adhesive.  The wrap can be used to wrap around fruits and vegetables, sandwiches, cheese, bunches of herbs, breads, over bowls etc.  It is not recommended to use the wraps with raw meat.

Looking after your wrap

Hand wash in cold soapy water, drip dry or bleach in the sun.  Keep beeswax wraps away from hot water.  Fold or roll your wrap and store in a dry place.

Every few months you can refresh your wraps by placing them on baking paper and putting them in an oven preheated to 120C.  Leave them for a few minutes until the wax has melted and redistributed throughout the wrap.  Carefully remove your wrap from the oven and allow to dry.  These beeswax wraps are flammable and must be kept away from open flame

Over time your wrap may become creased and the wax will also "settle" and become less tacky, this will not affect its use. Strongly coloured foods such as beetroot may stain your wrap but will not alter its effectiveness.